Although I am not a trained pastry chef (I’m actually an engineer who just happens to have a passion for food and art), I am a little snobbish about desserts. I blame the host of relatives whose homemade cakes and pies would have you licking your fingers and hoarding the last slice. After failed attempts at trying to find beautiful desserts that could go toe-to-toe in taste with my family’s creations, I started baking my own. Eventually, I began receiving requests from friends and strangers alike to buy my desserts. Hence, the House of Madison Dessert Boutique was born. Inspired by a heritage of great cooks, the House of Madison’s menu features flavorful, scratch-made desserts derived from original and family recipes with a presentation that will not disappoint. Our desserts are custom-designed for your special occasion, ensuring that they are always fresh and unique.

Some of you may be wondering who is Madison? She is my niece, who is sweeter than anything on the menu. Madison is also a baker-in-training and serves as the official taste tester for the House of Madison Dessert Boutique!

Maisha & Madison